An open source project for supporting RTP-based real-time media applications in K8s clusters

The goal of Kubernetes is to provide a "platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts".

Most applications deployed in Kubernetes today are web-based, and so much of the effort around networking in Kubernetes is optimised for web applications. Furthermore, a service mesh architecture (exemplified by Istio), where applications communicate with each other via web proxies rather than directly over IP, is becoming a standard in cloud native deployments.

Media Streaming Mesh enables developers of real time media applications based on RTP to focus on their business logic, whilst the Media Streaming Mesh infrastructure facilitates real-time connectivity for microservices.

Security & Observability

Authenticates traffic senders using SPIFFE/SPIRE and can optionally encrypt traffic as it flows from pod to pod using sRTP. Moreover it monitors jitter and packet loss across the mesh, enabling DevOps teams to quickly locate and resolve connectivity issues


Lightweight per-node data plane proxy, and per-cluster control plane proxy ensures a much lower footprint than per-pod web proxies, making it suitable for deployment at the edge.


An RTP data plane proxy adds minimal latency, in contrast to web proxies that terminate TCP connections at each hop.

What is Media Streaming Mesh?

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